Citation Guidelines

IRHRL Citation Guidelines :

  1. Use Times New Roman as font theme and 10 as font size.
  2. Italics to be used only in case of title, short citations and signals.


Name of the Author/s, Title of the Book, Publication House, Edition, Page number
If a book has been edited then the same information can be cited after mentioning the page number.

Law Review Article:

Name of the Author/s, Title of the Article, Name of the Law Review, Citation of the Article as provided by the Journal[If paper is a working paper mention at the end“Working Paper”].
If an article has been published in a book then instead of name of the law review, Name of the Book can be cited.


Newspaper and Magazine:

Name of the Author/s, Heading of the Piece, Page number, Name of the Newspaper/ Magazine, Date

Online Source:

Name of the Author/s, Heading of the Piece, Name of the Online Service,Date, URL, Last Visited


Name of the Act, Year, Section Number


National Courts:
Plaintiff v. Defendant, Name of the Court, Date, Page number, Paragraph number, Name of the Reporter
International Courts:
Name of the Case, Court action, Date, Name of the Court, Page number, Paragraph number

UN Document:

Issuing body, Title of the document, Document number as provided by the publishing agency, Date, Page number, Paragraph number


Title of the Treaty, Date, The number provided by the organization making the treaty

Any Other Material:

[Mention the kind of material that is being used] Name of the Author, Title of the material and document number as provided by the agency /organ publishing the material,name of the organ publishing the material, date of publication of material,page number, URL, in case of an online material date when the material was last visited

While mentioning dates –
use the format – Date/ Month /Year.

Do make use of – Short Citation Forms [Must be in Italics] –
Supra, Hereinafter, Infra, Id.

Do make use of the following signals [Must be in Italics]
E.g., See, See also, C.f., But see, See generally,